Le Chinglish : la guerre des mots, un article en anglais du China Daily du 17 juin 2009

lundi 22 juin 2009

Deux universitaires débattent de la valeur du Chinglish : manque de respect des valeurs de l’anglais ou enrichissement culturel ?

« Chinglish should be regarded with pride », says Radtke, who has collected more than 5,000 specimens on his website www.chinglish.de and published two books on the subject. « It’s enriching an already-existing language, offering a new point of view, a new set of vocabulary and new usages.
Rather than a point of pride, the Beijing Speaks Foreign Languages (BSFL) committee member argues most muddled translations are shameful.

Since 2001, he has helped the Beijing government fix baffling Chinese-English signs and estimates he has so far edited more than 1 million muddled passages. »

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