21st-Century Agriculture, eJournal USA, mars 2010

vendredi 26 mars 2010

About This Issue
Humanity’s longest struggle has been the ongoing battle, waged with different weapons on different fronts, adequately to feed itself.
eJournal USA explores how 21st-century technical prowess and agricultural skill hold the key to feeding the growing populations of the future.

Food Security

Every Link in the Food Chain
An Interview With M. Vijaya Gupta and Philip E. Nelson.
Two winners of the annual World Food Prize discuss technologies and strategies for advancing agriculture and solving world food needs.

Food for the World
The World Food Prize rewards individuals who have improved the quantity, quality, or availability of food for the world.

Bring Fish From the Waters
M. Vijaya Gupta is known as the father of the “blue revolution” for spreading the techniques and technologies of aquaculture to developing world farmers.

Fresh From Farm to Plate
Philip E. Nelson’s work assures the freshness and purity of food products.

U.S. Food Policy Aims for “Transformational Change”
The Obama administration has launched an initiative to improve food security worldwide.

Global Agriculture Statistics

- By The Numbers
- Top Crop Producers
- Raw Materials of Biofuels

Agriculture and globalization

The Borlaug Legacy : A New Paradigm for Agricultural Research
Roger Beachy, Director, National Institute of Food and Agriculture
The U.S. Department of Agriculture works to achieve a transformative change in agriculture to support the needs of the world’s population.

Feeding the “Hidden Hunger”
The lack of proper nutrients is the cause of malnutrition, and global aid efforts address the problem.

Crops Will Provide 21st-Century Energy
Elisa Wood, www.RealEnergyWriters.com
Agriculture has the potential to provide crops and plant waste that can serve as fuel in the emerging area of bioenergy.

Bioenergy : Available, Renewable, Sustainable
Bioenergy can be created from many sources.

International Agricultural Trade : Illustrated
A graphic look at the bounty of global agricultural trade.

Agriculture in the Global Marketplace
Dr. C. Peter Timmer, Thomas D. Cabot Professor of Development Studies, Emeritus, Harvard University
Globalization is affecting agriculture production in a variety of ways from crop selection to marketing.

Water Sustains All
Agriculture is the largest consumer of the planet’s fresh water supplies.

The Legacy of Plant Life
The international community safeguards thousands of different plant samples and seeds to preserve the genetic diversity of the plant kingdom.

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