American Lives, une publication du Département d’État des États-Unis.

mardi 20 avril 2010

Le département d’État des États-Unis vient de publier dans sa série de brochures librement téléchargeables sur son site : American Lives, recueil de photos illustrant les multiples facettes de la vie étatsunienne.

This book presents Americans at every stage of life. There are toddlers entering the world, children starting school, young adults going to college, people working and senior citizens in retirement. The photographs illustrate the freedom of religion Americans enjoy, and how they spend their free time. They also display the tight community bonds that Americans form in every part of the country.
An American life can be many things. It is a group of children playing sports and gaining confidence. It is a Native American preserving her culture. It is a senior citizen volunteering in his community. It is the freedom of expression all Americans enjoy. The people you see in the book are bound together by common values and experiences.

Cette brochure est complémentaire de Sketchbook USA, parue en 2008 et qui est un recueil de photos et d’articles sur la société étatsunienne.