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Information for Students

I Want to Apply for a Student Visa

A Student Voice (India)

A Student Voice (Morocco)

The Problem with Top-Schools Lists, Burton Bollag, Former Correspondent for The Chronicle of Higher Learning
Top-school lists never capture the immense
diversity of U.S. colleges and universities, or
indicate the best fit between student and school.

A Student Voice (Iran)

A Student Voice (Bangladesh)

Information for Tourists

I Want to Apply for a Tourist Visa

The Top 10 U.S. Destinations, Tanner Latham, Former Travel Editor of
Southern Living Magazine
Overseas tourists make a few cities their top U.S.
destinations year after year for good reasons.

10 Other Worthy Destinations, Tanner Latham
Many foreign visitors miss out on U.S. cities loaded
with attractions.

Avoid Visa Scams

A Tourist Voice (China)

What If I Need Medical Care ?

How Long Will It Take to Get My
Visa ?

10 Great American Sandwiches, Robb Walsh, Journalist and Food Writer
Unique and delicious variations of the sandwich are
found in different parts of the United States.

Information for Business Travelers

I Want to Apply for a Business Visa

A Businessman’s Voice (Kenya)

I Want to Apply for a Temporary Work Visa
A Professional Voice (Nigeria)

What to Expect

Change in the Air, Jane Levere, Transportation and travel
_ Improving security, a sluggish economy, and the
Internet all have changed, and in many ways
improved, the experience of foreigners traveling to
the United States.

Getting Around
Many foreign visitors will find that methods of travel
within the United States often differ from those with
which they are familiar.

Some Estimated Travel Times

Getting Through Airport Security, Jane Levere
A first-person account.

Additional Resources

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