eJournal USA, décembre 2010, « Becoming American : beyond the melting pot »

vendredi 7 janvier 2011

eJournal USA est une publication du Département d’État des États-Unis.
Ce numéro se penche sur la réalité au-delà du melting-pot : comment immigrants de longue date et nouveaux immigrants se rejoignent-ils ?
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A Permanently Unfinished Country
Successive waves of immigrants have built and
shaped U.S. society since the 19th century.

Immigration as a Two-Way Street : Beyond the Melting Pot
Integrating immigrants is a dynamic process
involving not just immigrants, but also U.S.
communities, public institutions and private organizations.

Revitalizing a Midwestern City : Immigrants in Marshalltown
A recent influx of Hispanic immigrants to
Marshalltown, Iowa, has sparked economic growth
and deepened cross-cultural understanding.

With additional interactive resource.

Beaverton : Oregon’s Most Diverse City
A suburb of Portland, Beaverton is home to Oregon’s fastest growing immigrant population.

Leading New Lives in Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville’s immigrant population is more diverse
than that of the United States as a whole.

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