« Outline of the U.S. Economy » - une publication du Département d’État des États-Unis

lundi 7 mai 2012

Mise à jour de l’édition 2009.
142 pages

Contents :

Chapter 1 : The Challenges of this Century
The world’s largest and most diverse economy currently faces the most severe economic challenges in a generation.

Chapter 2 : The Evolution of the U.S. Economy
The economy has expanded and changed, guided by
some unchanging principles.

Chapter 3 : What the U.S. Economy Produces
Large U.S. multinational firms have altered their
production strategies and their roles in response to
globalization as they adapt to increasing competition.

Chapter 4 : Competition and the American Culture
Competition has remained a defining characteristic of
the U.S. economy grounded in the American Dream of
owning a small business.

Chapter 5 : Geography and Infrastructure
Education and transportation help hold together widely
separated and distinct regions.

Chapter 6 : Government and the Economy
Much of America’s history has focused on the debate
over the government’s role in the economy.

Chapter 7 : A U.S. Economy Linked to the World
Despite political divisions, the United States shows
no sign of retreat from global engagement in trade
and investment.

Chapter 8 : A New Chapter in America’s Economic Story
The United States, in its democratic way faces up to
immense economic challenges.

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