« Private Peaceful », dossier pédagogique sur Film Education

lundi 24 septembre 2012

Le film sort en octobre 2012 en Grande Bretagne. C’est l’adaptation au cinéma du livre de Michael Morpurgo sur la vie de deux frères du sud de l’Angleterre pris dans la tourmente de la deuxième guerre mondiale.

Private Peaceful details the gritty rural lives and loves of Tommo and Charlie – two young brothers – and their poor Devonshire family from 1909 until 1916, when the outbreak of war destroys their country idyll. Both join up (one under age) leaving behind the beautiful Molly who is the love of both their lives.

The young men survive gas attacks, shelling, German troops and the appalling deaths of their close friends. But one thing they cannot escape is summary military justice.

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