English Teaching Forum - n°1/2013

samedi 16 mars 2013

Revue publiée par le Département d’État des États-Unis, English Teaching Forum publie des articles écrits par des professeurs d’anglais abordant tous les aspects de l’enseignement, de la méthodologie à la linguistique. Elle est librement téléchargeable en ligne.
Les quatre numéros de 2013 comporteront un dossier consacré aux transport aux États-Unis. Au sommaire de ce numéro : les trains.

Trains across the USA
This feature article explores the topic of trains from their early history to recent trends in railroading. A glossary provides related vocabulary, and a sidebar called “Romance of the Rails” adds colorful detail about train songs and railroad lore.

Classroom Activities
This section presents three stand-alone language-learning activities related to trains.

The Lighter Side : Train of Thought
This activity sheet focuses on phrasal verbs in a context of train rides.

Instructional Enhancements to Improve Students’ Reading Abilities
This article offers five instructional enhancements that help students become better readers. These classroom practices coincide with five key elements of EFL reading instruction : “extensive practice and exposure to print,” “commitment to building student motivation,” “attention to reading fluency,” “vocabulary building,” and “comprehension skills practice and discussion.”

Helping Metaphors Take Root in the EFL Classroom
This article explores why metaphors challenge learners and presents ways to incorporate metaphors into EFL instruction to help learners understand figurative speech.

Talking to Learn across Classrooms and Communities
The authors of this article propose structured and focused classroom discussion to engage students in thoughtful dialogue.

Laughing All the Way : Teaching English Using Puns
This article describes four categories of English puns—soundalike puns, lookalike puns, close-sounding puns, and texting puns—and suggests how they can be incorporated into English language classrooms.

English Teaching Forum - N° 1/2013