English Teaching Forum - n°2/2013

mercredi 17 juillet 2013

Revue publiée par le Département d’État des États-Unis, English Teaching Forum publie des articles écrits par des professeurs d’anglais abordant tous les aspects de l’enseignement, de la méthodologie à la linguistique. Elle est librement téléchargeable en ligne.
Les quatre numéros de 2013 comporteront un dossier consacré aux transport aux États-Unis. Au sommaire de ce numéro : les voitures.


The Dialogue Journal : A Tool for Building Better Writers
Using dialogue journals gives English language learners valuable writing practice. This article explores topics such as audience, fluency, teacher-student relationships, empowerment, and making the connection to academic writing. And the author gives practical advice on how teachers can institute dialogue journals in their classrooms and how best to respond to students’ journals.

Tasks for Integrating Language and Culture Teaching
This article discusses the role of culture in language teaching and provides activities for introducing culture in the classroom, focusing on teaching context and methodology to integrate culture. The authors outline five activities that can be adapted to the language level and interests of students. Instructions for each activity include language points and intercultural points.

Making Connections : Language Activities for Creating Interpersonal Tolerance in the Classroom
Using communicative activities with learners from diverse cultures can create excitement and empathy while promoting the acquisition of English. This article offers ESL/EFL activities that foster interpersonal tolerance among students who have experienced intergroup conflict. The activities are based on the idea that there are four levels of cultural awareness : self, family, community, and region/world.

Teaching English for Science and Technology : An Approach for Reading with Engineering English
Recognizing the relevance of English for Specific Purposes, this article outlines an approach for using authentic readings in a course in Engineering English. The article describes the importance of needs analysis, rhetorical focus, and reading for content ; it suggests content for 15 lessons and provides a sample worksheet and other suggestions for assessment.

Cars, Cars, CarsExpand
Cars are the focus of this feature article, which explores such topics as the history of cars in the United States, the national highway system, classic car shows, and the road trip in American literature and film.

Classroom Activities
This section presents two stand-alone language-learning activities related to cars.
- 1. “Walking Cars,” designed for beginner students, gives vocabulary describing the movement of vehicles, provides listening practice, and energizes learners.
- 2. “Checklist Talking,” for Intermediate and Advanced students, reinforces vocabulary related to transportation and travel and allows students to practice speaking English freely.

The Lighter Side : "Traffic Jam"
This activity sheet requires unscrambling a factual statement about cars and a follow-up question that can be used for classroom discussion.

English Teaching Forum - N° 2/2013