English Teaching Forum - n°3/2013

mercredi 9 octobre 2013

Revue publiée par le Département d’État des États-Unis, English Teaching Forum publie des articles écrits par des professeurs d’anglais abordant tous les aspects de l’enseignement, de la méthodologie à la linguistique. Elle est librement téléchargeable en ligne.


20th-Century Humanism and 21st-Century Technology : A Match Made in Cyberspace
This article discusses the origins of humanistic methodology and presents four humanistic classroom activities in traditional formats and in 21st-Century adaptations that use chat rooms, Nings, and social media.

Exploring Children’s Picture Storybooks with Adult and Adolescent EFL Learners
The autho
r presents a theoretical framework for using picture storybooks in teaching EFL to adults, suggesting that the storybooks are helpful in teaching both mechanics and culture. The article provides activities and resources and suggests themes that can be explored through the picture storybook

Using Raphael’s QARs as Differentiated Instruction with Picture Books
A differentiated instruction technique this author uses is Question Answer Relationships (QARs), a strategy to aid reading comprehension. The article describes four QAR types and demonstrates them in differentiated reading and writing lessons, with accompanying worksheets, based on a children’s book, The Carrot Seed.

Teaching Story without Struggle : Using Graded Readers and Their Audio Packs in the EFL Classroom
The authors developed the Bimodal Narrative Approach (BNA), which expands the extensive reading approach by adding listening activities. The authors, who used this approach with teacher trainees, outline the use of a graded reader novel and audio pack in BNA reading and listening classes. Video-based activities and evaluation are also discussed.

Motorcycles on the Move
Motorcycles are the subject of this feature article, which explores such topics as the history of motorcycles, types of motorcycles, special interest motorcycle clubs, motorcycle rallies, the Harley-Davidson company, and Rolling Thunder.

Classroom Activities
This section presents three stand-alone English language-learning activities related to motorcycles.
1. “Motor + cycle,” designed for upper beginner students, familiarizes students with prefixes and suffixes and teaches them to make words from the root word cycle.
2. “Faster, Faster !” is for intermediate students and teaches them about modes of transportation ; it encourages students to discuss and compare modes of transportation and practice using comparative adjectives.
3. “Route 66 : America’s Most Famous Highway,” intended for upper intermediate and advanced students, will acquaint students with famous routes around the world and give students the opportunity to practice creating itineraries.

The Lighter Side : "Shop Talk"
This puzzle asks questions about various parts of motorcycles ; the answer to each question is then written in a grid.

English Teaching Forum - n°3/2013