English Teaching Forum - n° 4/2013 « les bateaux »

samedi 4 janvier 2014

English Teaching Forum est une revue publiée par le Département d’État des États-Unis publiant des articles écrits abordant tous les aspects de l’enseignement de l’anglais, de la méthodologie à la linguistique. Elle est librement téléchargeable en ligne.

Les quatre numéros de 2013 sont consacrés aux transport aux États-Unis. Après les trains, les voitures et les motos, ce n° 4 est consacré aux bateaux.


Raising Cultural Awareness in the English Language

This article discusses how teachers can incorporate cultural knowledge into English language classes, exploring elements of culture, intercultural phenomena, and high-context and low-context cultures. Activities offered by the author to raise cultural awareness include web quests, role plays, cultural observations, and culture journals.

English for Specific Purposes : Negotiating Needs, Possibilities, and Promises
The authors espouse the need for negotiation in designing and delivering English for Specific Purposes (ESP) programs. Such negotiations take into account learners’ needs as well as structural limitations of the context and candid assessment of ESP providers. The article explores lessons from the field and the importance of needs analysis.

Teaching Beyond the Test : A Method for Designing Test-Preparation Classes
Test-preparation classes that focus on skills will benefit students beyond the test by developing skills they can use at university. This article discusses the purposes of various tests and outlines how to design effective test-prep classes. Several practical activities are included, and an appendix provides information on common standardized tests of English.

Minimizing the Chaos through Cooperative Classroom Management
This article discusses techniques for organizing large classes to allow smooth transitions from whole-class discussions to individual and group work. Topics discussed include how to form groups, keeping track of groups, using colors to organize students, setting expectations, and establishing consequence

Boats, Boats Everywhere
Boats are the subject of this feature article, which explores such topics as the age of steamboats, commercial boats, recreational boats, boating vocabulary, and the Mississippi River in American literature.

Classroom Activities

This section presents three stand-alone English language-learning activities related to boats.
- “Going to School by Ferry boat,” for upper beginner and intermediate students, allows learners to practice listening to language about an everyday routine and to learn transportation vocabulary.
- “Classifying Boats,” for intermediate students, teaches learners about boat types and their features and helps them develop classifying skills and write a classifying essay.
- “Mapping the Mississippi River,“ for intermediate students, provides practice with vocabulary related to boats and rivers.

The Lighter Side : Rock the Boat
This puzzle requires unscrambling the names of various boats and using designated letters to solve a riddle.

English Teaching Forum - n° 4/2013