English Teaching Forum n°2-2014

samedi 2 août 2014

Revue publiée par le Département d’État des États-Unis, English Teaching Forum publie des articles écrits par des professeurs d’anglais abordant tous les aspects de l’enseignement, de la méthodologie à la linguistique. Elle est librement téléchargeable en ligne.


Teaching the Native Speaker How to Teach English
This article offers guidelines for non-native-speaker teachers of English sharing teaching contexts with native speakers of English who have no teaching experience. The latter require cultural development—including instruction in the culture and functions of English in the country in which they are teaching—and educational development, which involves learning to apply former learning experiences to their teaching practice and creating learning objectives appropriate for the teaching context.

Integrating Language Skills through a Dictogloss procedure
The co-authors of this article present interactive and student-centered dictogloss activities as alternatives to dictation exercises. The dictogloss activities are flexible enough to appeal to learners with different needs and interests and will encourage students to be active and reflective and to integrate reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through social interaction.

Mingles in the Foreign Language Classroom
Mingles allow a student to speak to several classmates in succession, giving participating students practice in speaking and listening as they work to fill a gap in information, experience, opinion, or knowledge. This article outlines procedures for mingles and provides detailed information on specific mingles tasks.

Avoiding the Blank Stare : Teacher Training with the Gradual Release of Responsibility in Mind
This author asserts that the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) model will improve teaching abilities in any setting. She explains the four stages of GRR—focus lesson, guided instruction, collaborative learning, and independent practice—and illustrates them with charts and scenarios and applies them through model lessons.

Horses—Haulers, Racers, and Healers
This feature article looks at the history of horses in North America and showcases American breeds of horses. Discussion of Americans’ interactions with horses includes trail rides and horse shows, horse therapy, the traditions of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, and horses in popular culture.

Classroom Activities
This section presents three stand-alone English language-learning activities related to horses.

The Lighter Side : "Animal Sounds"
This puzzle invites students to make use of animal vocabulary and use letter clues to create words for the sounds that animals make.

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