English Teaching Forum n°4-2015

mardi 5 janvier 2016

Articles :
How Many Words is a Picture Worth ?
Encouraging Learners to Create Language-Learning Materials
About the educational value of learner-produced materials and discuss methods to encourage students to create materials.
Listening Cloze Meets Info-Gap : A Hybrid Activity to Exploit Listening Materials
In twenty-first-century language teaching, the class should be student-
centered and provide learners with skills that empower them in real-
life situations. In this regard, it is commonly said that practice makes
perfect. It therefore makes sense to ask ourselves how much our listening
activities demand from students and to evaluate whether we are getting
full benefit from the listening materials we use.

Teaching Techniques :
Using “Storybird” in Young Learners’ Creative Writing Class
What I found interesting about Storybird is that it combines art and writing. You are provided with works of art presented in sequence as if they were part of the plot of a story. However, you decide which images to choose, how to order them, and what story you want to tell. That is, after choosing some artwork, you can start writing your story. The site gives you the options of writing a long-form book, a poem, or a picture book.
Running for Your Words !
How to make students more active when doing an acitivty that involves following isntructions.
Beat the Clock
A simple technique to increase speaking in the classroom.

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All in the Family Photo.

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Classroom Clues