The Candidates, eJournal USA, octobre 2008

mercredi 1er octobre 2008

John McCain

John McCain : Service to His Country
- The Republican candidate for president has served his country for 50 years as a naval officer and member of Congress.

John McCain’s Vision for the Future
- Excerpts from « U.S. Foreign Policy : Where We Go from Here, » remarks to the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, March 26, 2008.

McCain in His Own Words
- John McCain describes the feelings he developed for the United States while held a prisoner of war for more than five years by the North Vietnamese.

Barack Obama

Barack Obama : Breaking New Ground
- The Democratic candidate for president is the first African American to be nominated by a major political party.

Barack Obama’s Vision for the Future
- Excerpts from « The American Moment, » remarks to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, April 23, 2007.

Obama in His Own Words
- In this excerpt from a speech, Barack Obama talks about a time in his life when he « began to notice a world beyond myself » and about his desire to be an agent of change.

Vice Presidential Candidates

Sarah Palin, the Republican Party’s Nominee for Vice President
The governor of Alaska has executive experience and a reputation for being a reformer.

Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s Nominee for Vice President
A U.S. senator from Delaware has legislative and foreign policy experience.

First Families

The McCain Family
- John McCain and his wife Cindy have pursued different tracks to serve their country. McCain’s family includes seven children and four grandchildren.

The Obama Family
- Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have devoted much of their adult lives to public service. They have two young daughters.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Powers of the Presidency
- The U.S. Constitution outlines the president’s authority but allows each incumbent to define the scope of presidential powers.

The Enhanced Role of the Vice President
- The vice presidency of the United States has grown in importance as the demands of the presidency have increased.

The Role of the First Lady
- Since Martha Washington in the 18th century, first ladies of the United States have fulfilled this unique role according to their own interests and the times they lived in.

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