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samedi 20 juin 2009
 Isabelle DESTAT


Indigenous People in the 21st Century
Wilma Mankiller
Being an indigenous person in modern times means balancing revered traditions, culture, and languages with the demands of a world dominated by technology. Mankiller is former chief of the Cherokee Nation.

Living Traditions of Native America
Gabrielle Tayac
Coming to terms with a rich and ancient tradition, years of struggle and discrimination, and life in modern times, Native peoples must juggle the valuable old with the new. Historian Tayac is of Piscataway descent.

Relationship with the land

My Place, My Identity
Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley
The traditional worldview of the Yupiat, who live in Alaska and the Arctic Circle, may work with modern science to benefit the planet through adaptation to global warming. Kawagley is a Yupiaq elder.

Indigenous democratic values

Native American Ideas of Governance and the United States Constitution
Bruce E. Johansen
Indigenous ideas of democracy inspired the founders of the United States.

The Pendulum Swings of Indian Policy
Jace Weaver
The unique relationship between tribes and the U.S. government has developed over centuries, through treaties and sometimes contradictory policies of assimilation and tribal autonomy. Lawyer and historian Weaver is a Cherokee.

Two Languages in Mind, but Just One in the Heart
Louise Erdrich
Novelist Erdrich, of Turtle Mountain Ojibwe heritage, writes of the depths she finds in her tribal language, Ojibwmowin, which she calls “a language to engage the sprit.”

Native-Owned Newspaper Wins Battles with Torch of Truth
Tim Giago
Founding editor of the first widely distributed Native American newspaper writes of the positive impact journalism has had in Indian country. Giago is an Oglala Lakota.

Language and culture

Endangered Languages
Akira Y. Yamamoto
Languages, which embody many elements of indigenous cultures, are rapidly being lost, and the author writes that it is critical to preserve those that remain.

Universe of Spirits
Vine Deloria Jr.
The universe of earth, sky, plants, animals, and spirit permeates daily life in traditional Native American belief, along with tales of ancestors, writes the late Standing Rock Dakota scholar.

Joseph Bruchac
Storyteller Bruchac, of Abenaki descent, gives several examples of traditional ceremonies, ranging from personal acts to group rituals, that are central to the mental and physical health of indigenous communities.

Hands across borders

Indigenous People Today : Interview with José Barreiro
Lea Terhune
In this interview, Cuban-born scholar of Taino heritage discusses the challenges and resiliency of Latin American indigenous peoples and what is being done to protect their cultures and rights.

CGNet and Citizen Journalism Among Tribals in India
Shubhranshu Choudhary
A grassroots, online citizen journalism project is helping rural Adivasis — India’s “original people”— raise issues critical to their well-being.

Toward a Worldwide Indigenous Network
Jonathan Hook
Programs that link indigenous tribes across the world, such as a new initiative at the University of North Texas (UNT), bring deeper understanding, awareness of shared issues, and a sense of global community. Hook, a Cherokee, directs the UNT program.

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