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A globalized economy makes business and employment spill across national boundaries, so an education abroad is likely to make a young person better prepared for the world’s future. Almost double the numbers of students travel abroad for an education today as compared with 20 years ago. Campus Connections examines the international study experience and its influence on individual growth.

What You’ll Learn

Becoming a Cultural Broker
A Panel Discussion
Six international students at American University talk about their lives and experiences on a U.S. campus in Washington, D.C.

My Daughter Has Blossomed
Vikram Murthy
The Indian father of a student in the American University discussion reflects on the decision to send his daughter to the United States for her education.

A Family of International Students
Mangala P.B. Yapa
An exchange student in the 1970s contrasts his experience with that of his daughter at American University in the 2000s.

Six Years in Sweden
Charlotte West
An American goes to Sweden as an exchange student and finds her life’s work.

Here I Am, a Young Tree
Najwa Nasr
A Lebanese linguistics professor explains how an exchange program to the United States led her to life-changing discoveries about earlier generations of Arab immigrants.

Hope and Friendship Take Over
Romain Vezirian
A French exchange student of Armenian heritage recalls how he overcame a legacy of prejudice during a semester spent on a university campus in Oklahoma.

Superheroes Arise From a Life in Two Nations
An Interview With Naif Al-Mutawa
A Kuwaiti psychologist’s binational upbringing has led him to spread a message of diversity and understanding through the graphic novel series THE 99.

Chuck Norris and the Search to Find Myself
Meghan Loftus
A former American exchange student describes a semester in Spain when she learned about herself and what she shares with young people of other cultures.

My Journey to Harvard
Siyabulela Xuza
A South African student reveals how a science experiment in his mother’s kitchen helped pave the way to Harvard University in the United States.


Resource Guide
Books, reports, Web sites, and other reference material focused on international study.

Why It’s Important

The Case for International Education
Allan Goodman, President and CEO, Institute of International Education
Record numbers of U.S. and international students are leaving their home countries to study abroad.

Passport to Success
Alumni of international study programs have achieved high levels of professional success.

Just the Facts
Basic statistics about foreign students and exchange visitors in the United States.

How It’s Done

The Basics on U.S. Visas
Summarizes the basic steps to obtain a visa and corrects misconceptions about the process.

Social Networks and Study Abroad
Charlotte West
International students are using social networks to enhance their learning experience.

New Requirements at U.S. Borders
New requirements for U.S. citizens traveling in and out of the country are taking effect in 2009-2010.

Get Ready, Here You Go
Steps to prepare yourself for travel abroad.


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