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Explaining Cultural Preservation

  • Intangible Cultural Heritage : A New Horizon for Cultural Democracy James Counts Early and Ryan F. Manion
    Cultural preservation encompasses not only monuments, buildings and artifacts, but also music, dance and language.
  • U.S. Preservation Laws : A Legal Framework for Preserving Cultural Heritage
    Patty Gerstenblith
    The United States has laws that protect concrete works, such as sculpture, as well as intangible forms of cultural expression, such as language.


  • Saving Endangered Languages in the United States Juliette Blevins
    Many individuals and institutions are working to revitalize endangered languages and to preserve U.S. linguistic diversity.
  • Native American Storytelling : Keeping Dakotah Culture Alive Through Spoken Word. Interview :
    Mary Louise Defender Wilson describes her work as a Dakotah storyteller and the importance of sustaining oral traditions.
  • Preserving Alaska’s Native Languages—One Word at a Time Kyle Hopkins
    - A young Frenchman, Guillaume Leduey, traveled to Alaska to help save Eyak, an extinct Alaska Native language.
  • Being Multilingual
    Quotes from various writers, academics and public figures exploring the challenges and benefits of linguistic diversity in the United States.


  • Smithsonian Folkways Recordings : “A Museum of Sound" D.A. Sonneborn and Megan Banner Sutherland
    Smithsonian Folkways Recordings makes recordings of music, spoken word, drama and more—from every part of the world—available to the public.
  • Couple Beats the Drum for Traditional Ghanaian Music. Interview
    Yacub Addy, a Ghanaian drummer, and Amina Addy, manager of the performance group, Odadda !, discuss how they foster an appreciation for Ghanaian music.


  • Local Festival Sustains World Dance. Michael Gallant
    The annual San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival highlights rare and unique forms of dance from within the United States and from many other countries.
    - * Classical Cambodian Dance Thrives in California Michael Gallant
    Dancer Charya Burt performs and teaches Cambodian dance in Northern California.

Photo Gallery

  • Americans Preserving Cultural Heritage
    Images of Americans preserving music, dance and other forms of cultural expression in communities both large and small.

Who’s Right
- * Repatriation of Cultural Property
Two experts, Malcolm Bell, III of the University of Virginia and James Cuno of the Art Institute of Chicago, debate the pros and cons of returning artworks and artifacts to the lands where they were created.


  • Preserving World Cultures : The U.S.
    Ambassadors Fund for Cultural
    The U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation helps to safeguard cultures across the globe by awarding grants for local heritage
    preservation projects.


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