Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching - Vol.4 No 3 octobre 2014

lundi 15 décembre 2014

Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching is a refereed journal published four times a year by the Department of English Studies, Faculty of Pedagogy and Fine Arts, Adam Mickiewicz University, Kalisz, Poland. The language of publication is English. The journal is devoted to reporting previously unpublished highest quality theoretical and empirical research on learning and teaching second and foreign languages. It deals with the learning and teaching of any language, not only English, and focuses on a variety of topics ranging from the processes underlying second language acquisition, various aspects of language learning in instructed and non-instructed settings, as well as different facets of the teaching process, including syllabus choice, materials design, classroom practices and evaluation.

Articles published in this issue

Kees de Bot – The effectiveness of early foreign language learning in the Netherlands

Jelena Mihaljević Djigunović – L2 learner age from a contextualised perspective

Alene Moyer – What’s age got to do with it ? Accounting for individual factors in second language accent

Carmen Muñoz – Starting age and other influential factors : Insights from learner interviews

Judit Navracsics – Input or intimacy

Mark Patkowski – Looking for structure : Is the two-word stage of language development in apes and human children the same or different ?

Simone E. Pfenninger – The misunderstood variable : Age effects as a function of type of instruction

David Singleton – Apt to change : The problematic of language awareness and language aptitude in age-related research

Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching welcomes previously unpublished articles in the field of learning and teaching second and foreign languages. The contributions can take the form of original research reports, replication studies, review articles, state of the art papers, reply articles and book reviews. The papers should be in the range of 6000-8000 words and book reviews about 1000 words in length. Contributions should be submitted electronically to


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