Rencontre sur les langues maternelles menacées le 1 juin à Paris

mardi 14 mai 2024

Samedi 1 juin à 19.30 : rencontre « Language City, the fight to preserve endangered mother tongues », avec Ross Perlin.

Half of the world’s 7000-plus languages are endangered. How did this happen, and what does it mean for the future of language ? Ross Perlin, author of the new Language City : The Fight to Preserve Endangered Mother Tongues in New York, describes the race to document and support little-known languages, following six remarkable yet ordinary speakers of endangered languages deep into their communities, from New York’s outer borough neighborhoods to villages on the other side of the world, to learn how they are maintaining and reviving their languages against the odds. He also explores the languages themselves, from rare sounds to sentence-long words to bits of grammar that encode distinctive worldviews.

Musée Mundolingua
10 rue Servandoni
75006 Paris